The Most Common Causes Of Foot Pain


One day, your foot becomes so pain which you sometimes do not know the exact reason. Actually, the foot pain comes from a lot of different causes. Generally, it can be some small injuries and some signs of the diseases which you do not detect yet. What do you often do in this case? I am sure that if it is not serious you will not see the doctor immediately. Until it is terrible it is so late to meet the doctor. It is the best way to know the most common causes of foot pain. In this article, I will have a brief introduction to this issue. This writing will provide a lot of valuable information around the foot pain which we need to know.

There are the plenty of causes but I only give 3 reasons that they are considered very popular today. They are:

  • Corn and callus
  • Fungal nail infection;
  • Flatfoot;
  1. Corn or callus

Most of the people have the corns or calluses under their foot. That is the reason of the friction and pressure when we move in all movements in our life.

Besides, the corns or calluses will impact the skin and create a small hard area. They are the circle and appear at the heel and under the toes.

In addition, if you wear the tight shoes in a long time it is also the typical reason of the corn or callus.

To overcome this problem, you should use the pads to reduce the painful corn or callus. However, you will need a lot of time. Moreover, you can trim to improve the corns or calluses. Also, to prevent the corns, you should wear the shoes properly.

  1. Fungal nail infection

With many people who must wear shoes and work in the wet environment for a lot of hours a day. The microscopic fungus will enter a break in the skin. They will live in our nail. They will make the nail become thick, brittle and discolored. The fungus can spread from this nail to other nails quickly. Therefore, you must detect soon and treat.

Beyond that, this fungus can spread from person to person. The initial signs will only affect your nail. However, after that, it will create the injury to your nails seriously. You should apply some antifungal cream, drink the drug or treat by the laser.

  1. Flatfoot

Flatfoot is the sole of the foot which it contacts completely with the ground. This can occur when your family has many people meet this problem. It is understood as the heredity. Also, the flatfoot can be caused by an injury.

If you are in this situation you can meet the doctor to have the right advice for the treatment. Actually, there are many methods to treat this flatfoot depending on the level of the flatfoot of each person.

In short, in our life, there are a lot of issues about the foot health. Sometimes, they do not interfere too much to out activities. And we skipped them. You should remember that the foot health is very important and the feet help you move anywhere. Thus, you should pay attention to them more. Besides, you also should take care of the feet in the right way, like getting yourself a pair of best shoes for standing all day.

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Something To Know About Big Toe Joint Pain


In my opinion, health is the more important than gold. It does not have anything that can compare. We have a lot of issues surrounding the feet pain, foot health, and heel pain. But sometimes, some parts of the feet become painfully. As we know, the human foot includes 33 joints and they can pain for many different reasons. Have you ever pained in the joint of the big toe. Now, I will share some related information about the big toe joint pain. Through this article, you will know the causes of this disease.

In fact, our big toe must suffer the main weight of our body. Especially, when you walk, run and move a lot. At that time, this weight can increase the pressure of the body. You will have the big toe joint pain. Therefore, what are the causes? Let’s see the following reasons:

  1. Bunion

In this case, it often occurs in women. The bunion will swell and affect two sides of the big toe joint. So, why does this bunion often have in women? According to the thinking of many people that:

  • The women usually wear the high heel. Most of the high heel force the toe each other;
  • They use many shoes which they are a bad quality;
  • In addition, the women do not pay attention to the size of shoes too much. They still wear that kind of shoes although they are smaller than their feet a little.

Also, some researchers showed that there are some communities in the world who do not wear the shoes they do have the bunion. However, other experts said that this disease related to genetic.

Tips for you: What do you do when having the bunion?

When you have the bunion depending on the pain level you can refer to some ways as follows:

  • Using the toe spreader to separate the toes;
  • Wearing the support socks;
  • Appling the gel pads which they treat for the bunion.
  • Going to see the doctor. In some cases, you need to have the surgery to get rid of this bunion.
  1. Arthritis and gout

Arthritis and gout are considered the most common problem of bone and joint. However, if your feet have this issue you will see the specialist to treat as soon as possible.

Moreover, arthritis is often so painful and you are very difficult to move and take part in your daily activities. Normally, this situation of this area is often caused by the small injuries in the joint of the toe.

On the other hands, the big toe joint pain can cause of gout. Nowadays, most of the fat people often have this disease. It becomes very popular in our community. Gout is the accumulation of the uric acid in the blood and exists in the lower body. It makes us so painful. Even, gout will be extremely dangerous if you do not treat it soon.

In summary, today there are a lot of strange diseases and they are very important. Even, they also threaten the human life. With many different causes, they should know the necessary knowledge about our health. This will help you prevent as well as detect the signs of disease early. I am sure that this article just provides the useful things about the big toe joint pain. You should note any irregularities of your toe joint, right. Hope you have the healthy feet.

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Learning To Protect Health Of The Feet


The legs are very important to each person so we need to protect the feet health. Do not wait for the feet having some problem at that time you think to how to treat and care the feet. If you can not walk by your feet one day I think that you will feel everything become so difficult. Thus, protecting your feet health is the necessary things. In this article, I will share some tips to protect the health of the feet. I hope this knowledge will be very useful to our health especially the feet.

Choosing the shoes to be suitable for the feet

  1. Choosing the right size

Many people only pay attention to the aesthetic factor when buying shoes. This is very popular in our life. However, whether you wear a pair of beautiful shoes you do not feel comfortable and pleasant. I am sure that you can get the nice walk.

Moreover, with the appropriate shoes will increase the small injuries. This is the reason of wearing tight or too loose shoes. Therefore, it is extremely important to choose the right shoes for your feet. There are 3 basic benefits of the suitable shoes:

  • Help the feet reduce the hurt regularly;
  • Limit the risks of the muscles;
  • Do not affect some diseases which related to the joints.


  1. Noting the material of shoes

It is a good idea to select the shoes which they are made from the natural materials. This will help your feet feel more comfortable and cool.

  1. Washing the feet frequently

You should set the habit to wash your feet frequently. Especially, before and after exercise to prevent the bacterial penetration this is a good habit to protect our feet health.

Common tips to protect the health of the feet

Some following tips will contribute to help you have the healthy feet:

  • You must sit for a long time in a position because of your job requirement you should exercise for your feet with the simple movements such as move 10 toes many times, stretch out to stimulate the blood circulation.
  • Also, to have the strong feet, refreshing, you should massage gently with the rolling table. However, this will become more effective if someone helps you to massage your feet.
  • Moreover, you can learn some exercises which they are necessary to protect the health of the feet. You will find out the useful exercises on the internet. Depending on your time as well as your work you can apply the most convenient movements.
  • In addition, some diseases as arthritis, diabetes, and circulatory disorders also have some initial symptoms in the feet. So you should note to check the feet health regularly. This is not only to care your feet but also to timely detect the other diseases in your body.
  • Finally, you can see the foot specialist to find the proper tips. Besides, you can bring your shoes and ask the doctor how to wear the shoes in the right way for your healthy feet.

In short, nowadays many people have the difficult problem about their feet. Actually, the feet health affects the health too much. You should learn how to protect the feet. However, you must care properly to bring the high effective. I believe that this information is the very valuable experience which all of us should know.

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Effective Methods To Keep Your Feet Healthy


Normally, the legs will show a part of our health. If you have the healthy legs you can feel comfortable to move and work every day. So you should not be subject or forget to take care of your legs and feet. Although there is a small injury at the joints it can destroy your feet.

Do you know how to care your feet health? If you say “No” you can find the effective methods to keep the feet health in this article. It does not take you a lot of time to refer. However, after reading you will have a lot of good information to protect and take care of your feet.

  1. Add the necessary nutrition

As you know, most of the pregnant women have the cramps during this stage. This is the reason of the following elements:

  • The body becomes heavier because they are suddenly weight gain;
  • The muscle strain phenomenon occurs frequently;
  • The body is the lack of the magnesium.

For these causes, you need to add the necessary magnesium through the daily meals. You will overcome the cramps significantly.

On the other hands, you should soak your feet in warm water to warm the muscles as well as the tendons of the feet.

  1. Relax for the legs

When sitting too long this will make your legs become tired. Thus, you should let them relax.

In fact, it is very simple to relax. You should prepare a tennis ball. Then, using two legs kick from this side to that side. After that, let the ball roll from the heel to the toes. You can maintain this action about 3 minutes. I am sure that you will feel your legs be improved too much.

  1. Massage

To have the healthy feet, you should not skip to massage them regularly. You can massage according to the easy steps as follows:

  • Firstly, you should sit on the soft sofa;
  • Then, you pull leg back and bend the knee to start the massage;
  • After that, you use a little of extra oil to increase the effectiveness of massage;
  • Next, pour the extra oil on your hand and apply to your legs from the knees down to the heel;
  • Finally, you should maintain this movement about 30 times for each leg.


  1. Train the feet

The best way to keep the healthy feet is to exercise it. You can maintain the daily jogging to help the leg muscle become more toned.

In the case, you feel bored with jogging you can take part in other sports which they use the feet as much as possible such as football and basketball.

Actually, playing the sports are not only good for the feet but also good for our health as prevent effectively some common diseases today such as cardiovascular and high blood pressure.

In short, healthy legs will help you feel more confident with all daily work. The nice feet will bring the happy life for you. You can wear all fashion shoes. Therefore, you should make some good habits to keep the healthy feet. 4 simple tips above are the valuable tips if you have the feet health.

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Important Notes When Choosing The Right Gym Shoes


Whenever you play any sports the right sports shoes is considered one of the indispensable instruments. Especially, when practicing the gym or playing some outdoor sports, a pair of good sports shoes become extremely important you know this or not?. I can help you find out some necessary criteria to buy the right gym shoes through this article. I believe that you will have more experience as well as the useful knowledge to select the good gym shoes for yourself.

  1. Selecting the size of the sports shoes to fit your feet

This is the first criterion for the standard of a gym shoe. Normally, when using shoes, you also note its size. The normal shoes can be a little tight or slightly wide. You can reluctantly accept but with the gym shoes it should never happen with some following reasons:

  • Firstly, it will affect your practicing too much;
  • Moreover, it is very terrible if during practicing you must worry about your shoes because they can slip out the feet any time;
  • Also, wearing the tight shoes will affect your foot health seriously;
  • Even, the gym shoes can cause the injury not only for your feet but also for your health.

Therefore, selecting the fit gym shoes should be noted firstly.

  1. Selecting the appropriate shoes for training activities.

Although you are practicing the gym you also play more different subjects. Thus, you should choose the shoes which they can play a lot of sports or activities. This is very convenient and saves a lot of your money. But it is also very difficult to buy those shoes. If the shoes are not suitable for your training activities the feet will pain and you will not feel comfortable during practicing.

  1. Noting to the weight of the shoe

According to comments of many people, a pair of shoes in the gym must make the users feel flexible and move easily.

Although your shoes look very nice their weight is too heavy. This will make your legs feel tired and be very difficult to move. So, you should not choose the gym shoes which they are too heavy, right!

  1. Paying attention to the design features

To distinguish the sports shoes for any sports, you often base on the design and material. For example:

  • The running shoes will be designed with the soft material, easy to bend.
  • The tennis and badminton shoes will have the harder soles.

Therefore, you should pay attention to the design feature and material before you give the final decision to buy.

  1. Choosing shoes with high friction

Surely, you will move a lot while practicing the gym so the risk of the slip will also be very high. To ensure the safe, you should choose the sports shoes with the high friction. In addition, the soles of the shoes must be made of the good rubber. Especially, you never buy the plastic soles if you do not want to slip.

In conclusion, you do not know any criteria to buy the most suitable sports shoes. After reading the information, it can provide the valuable things which you need to know when selecting a pair of the gym shoes. You can base on 5 notes which I just share above. You will choose the appropriate shoes for your practice. Besides, the good sports shoes will contribute to practice better and bring the high result during exercise.

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