Something To Know About Big Toe Joint Pain


In my opinion, health is the more important than gold. It does not have anything that can compare. We have a lot of issues surrounding the feet pain, foot health, and heel pain. But sometimes, some parts of the feet become painfully. As we know, the human foot includes 33 joints and they can pain for many different reasons. Have you ever pained in the joint of the big toe. Now, I will share some related information about the big toe joint pain. Through this article, you will know the causes of this disease.

In fact, our big toe must suffer the main weight of our body. Especially, when you walk, run and move a lot. At that time, this weight can increase the pressure of the body. You will have the big toe joint pain. Therefore, what are the causes? Let’s see the following reasons:

  1. Bunion

In this case, it often occurs in women. The bunion will swell and affect two sides of the big toe joint. So, why does this bunion often have in women? According to the thinking of many people that:

  • The women usually wear the high heel. Most of the high heel force the toe each other;
  • They use many shoes which they are a bad quality;
  • In addition, the women do not pay attention to the size of shoes too much. They still wear that kind of shoes although they are smaller than their feet a little.

Also, some researchers showed that there are some communities in the world who do not wear the shoes they do have the bunion. However, other experts said that this disease related to genetic.

Tips for you: What do you do when having the bunion?

When you have the bunion depending on the pain level you can refer to some ways as follows:

  • Using the toe spreader to separate the toes;
  • Wearing the support socks;
  • Appling the gel pads which they treat for the bunion.
  • Going to see the doctor. In some cases, you need to have the surgery to get rid of this bunion.
  1. Arthritis and gout

Arthritis and gout are considered the most common problem of bone and joint. However, if your feet have this issue you will see the specialist to treat as soon as possible.

Moreover, arthritis is often so painful and you are very difficult to move and take part in your daily activities. Normally, this situation of this area is often caused by the small injuries in the joint of the toe.

On the other hands, the big toe joint pain can cause of gout. Nowadays, most of the fat people often have this disease. It becomes very popular in our community. Gout is the accumulation of the uric acid in the blood and exists in the lower body. It makes us so painful. Even, gout will be extremely dangerous if you do not treat it soon.

In summary, today there are a lot of strange diseases and they are very important. Even, they also threaten the human life. With many different causes, they should know the necessary knowledge about our health. This will help you prevent as well as detect the signs of disease early. I am sure that this article just provides the useful things about the big toe joint pain. You should note any irregularities of your toe joint, right. Hope you have the healthy feet.

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