The Most Common Causes Of Foot Pain


One day, when you suddenly feel pain in your foot but you cannot figure out the exact reasons. Actually, there is a great deal of causes leading to foot pain. In general, it may be only some minor injuries or signs of diseases that you have not discovered yet.

What will you usually do if you find yourself be in this situation? I do not believe that you will immediately go to see doctors unless your foot is badly hurt. Not until the pain becomes unbearable will you have you foot checked.

Getting your foot tested is the most effective way to find out causes of the pain. In the following article, brief information about this issue is what I would like to introduce you. This text will provide you with lots of valuable basic information on the causes of foot pain that we should know.

There are the plenty of causes but I only give 3 reasons that they are considered very popular today. They are:

  • Callus and corn;
  • Fungal nail infection;
  • Flatfoot;

Calluses or corns:

That under people’ foot corns or calluses usually exist. That causes the friction and also the pressure whenever we move.

In addition, calluses or corns may impact on our skin and cause small hard blisters which are round- shaped and frequently appear under heels or on toes.

Moreover, if you have tight shoes on your feet for such a long time, there is likely to cause corns or calluses.

In order to solve this matter, you ought to use medical pads to decrease the pain resulting from calluses or corns. However, it may take you a long time. Another way to get rid of corns or calluses is that you trim corns and calluses. You can also avoid corns and calluses by wearing all day comfort shoes

Fungal nail infection

For some people that have to wear shoes while working in wet environments for lots of hours every day, the microscopic fungus may create cracks on skin. They live in people’ nails. Therefore, they can make the nails brittle, discolored, and thick. They can also spread from nails to nails quickly. As a result, you should have you nails checked and treated as soon as possible.

Moreover, the fungus can pass from people to people. Initially, it only effects on your nails. Nevertheless, it is going to create the injuries to your nails severely after a period of time. You ought to use some antifungal cream on your nails, take medicine or get treated by laser.


Flatfoot is a deformity when your foot completely comes into the ground. It may occur when some members of your family get this disease. We can also consider this disease is inherited. Moreover, flatfoot can result from injuries.

If you find yourself have these signals, you should go to see the doctor so as to get some good advice for treatment. In fact, there are various ways to cure this flatfoot. However, the treatment depends upon the level of this disease of every person.

Chronic foot pain is the syndrome of the following diseases:

– Vascular disease: arteriopathy, Raynaud’s disease, glomus tumor… these diseases can be discovered by having an ultrasound scan or taking photos of blood vessels.

– Neurone diseases: disease of peripheral nerve put pressure on neurons( Tarsal tunnel syndrome, Jogger’s foot), SCIATICA due to herniated disc,…, the syndroms that usually do with these disease are paresthesia and this disease can also be dicover by Electromyography (EMG)

– Bone disease or arthritis: arthritis (Rheumatoid arthritis, gouty arthritis, …), Osteoarthritis, broken bones due to too much working… You should have your blood tested, have CT scan MRI in order to discover the disease.

Sprains and strains: pain causes by overload on the tendon, plantar fasciitis.

Some situations in which foot pain diseases cannot be cured completely are result from neglecting or mistaking with these diseases listed below:

Morton’s neuroma:  it usually hurts at the foot slot number 3- 4 which are neuroma between feet bones. It is easily put too much pressure, thus, it does hurt badly when moving or wearing tight shoes or high heels.

This disease can be commonly found at people regardless of age or genders. The most people can catch this disease are athletes. If you feel hurt when touching hard between two feet bones or trying to get the fingers together.

Freiberg’s infraction: this is most commonly seen in female. The symptoms are pain in forefoot region, worse weight bearing activities. Pain decreases while resting. Avascular necrosis is the death of bone tissue due to a lack of blood supply.

Although using X-Ray at the first stage may discover nothing, the disease will continue growing leading to deformation of bones, which causes difficulties in walking. In order to find out the disease soon, you should take CT scan or MRI.

Exostosis: This frequently happens for elderly people because of osteoarthritis or for young people due to too much walking.

In sum, in our life, there is a great deal of issues relating to foot. Sometimes, they do not have much influence on our daily activities. Therefore, we ignore these diseases. However, you should remind yourself that foot health is crucial because you move anywhere by foot.  As a result, you’d better pay attention to your foot more. In addition, you also ought to treat the feet in the good way, like buying for yourself a pair of best shoes for standing all day.

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