How To Break In New Hiking Boots


Different types of hiking boots need a different period of time in order for your feet to be familiar. The light items can make you feel completely suitable when removed from the box and go right, while the heavier pairs, leather shoes would probably need weeks to become soft and fit your feet. And in order to choose the best hiking boots for wide feet and get acquainted with them, it needs a process.

NOTE: Most of the hiking boots will stretch a little while going. But the process of “getting used to” will not turn a pair of shoes which does not fit you into a suitable pair of shoes! You must be sure that your shoes are sturdy and comfortable before you decide to take them home.

The basic process

Let’s start with wearing your new shoes in a short period of time at home. Wearing the kinds of socks you may use while walking. Tie your shoelaces tightly and ensure the blade to be upright and the buffer of the shoes is flat. These folds you create when you go can remain forever during the period of using your shoes.

Your new shoes will be a little hard at first, but this does not matter. But if you think it is pretty tight, causing rubbing and irritation, you should immediately return and try a different style.

After a few times of trying at home and your pair of shoes is quite comfortable, let’s expand the area of trying shoes. Let’s wear your new shoes and go to a local store, go around the town or while working in the garden. Gradually increase the amount of time you wear as long as the distance you travel. Make sure you are comfortable with your shoes before increasing the distance.

NOTE: Make sure your new shoes make you feel comfortable before you go out with them!

Be careful while you go in order to get acquainted with your new shoes, notice if there is any pain or discomfort, take off your shoes – these small problems may become very serious quickly. If you still feel good, try to bring a little more weight on your shoulders when you ride a bicycle and/or walk on the trails which have more challenges.

If you feel good when wearing your new shoes during this period, but you still feel a little tight and squash, you can fix that by bringing it to one shop to repair. Most stretching devices can help alleviate the problem of the size of the shoes in a certain range.

Nothing is a “quick solution”.

There is no way simpler and easier than when getting acquainted with a pair of shoes. In order to have a suitable pair of shoes, you need to spend more time on it.

Avoid “quick solution”, like leave the shoes wet and then start hiking. This way will ruin your shoes and harm your toes. In addition, make sure that you carefully follow the instructions of care and waterproof from the manufacture. So what is the way of how to waterproof the shoes?


Question: My shoes look moist, so if it can be waterproof?

Answer: In most cases, the answer is NO. If you see water not remain the big drops uppers, it means the waterproof material has reduced the effectiveness because of dirt, abrasion and sunlight. At last, the result is your shoes are wet and heavy. However, before the upper parts are absorbent, your shoes are wet.

Question: When I need to restore the waterproof membrane of my shoes, which product I should use?

Answer: depending on the material of the upper parts of your shoes to choose the suitable waterproof product.

Material: some brands provide the specific products for each kind of materials

Full-grain leather (the most advanced skin)




Synthetic leather or the mix of fabric and leather

Question: how to use waterproof products


Step 1: clean your shoes thoroughly with the dedicated cleaners and the brush.

Step 2: follow the instructions provided with the product. Most manufacturers recommend the use of waterproofing products when your shoes are moist or wet. For other types of leather shoes, the moister they are, the better they are.

Question: are the shoes with the waterproof agent elastic?

Answer: during the period of keeping shoes, “elasticity” means “soft”. Liquid Conditioner for Leather is specially formulated for dry, cracked or old leather.

In addition, you can fully use the conditioner for the hard part of your new shoes, especially the upper parts. Surely this product will moisturize the skin, and do not forget to use it wisely.

Waterproof products also contain tanning agents, which will help the leather not to be dry, maintain the natural elasticity of the leather and work against the attack of bacterial. The main effect of this product is to help to waterproof the leather.

Question: should I use heat when using the waterproof agent for my shoes?

Answer: do not use heat when using liquid waterproofing products such as Nikwax and Granger’s. You should leave your shoes in a room with the normal temperature during or after using this product. According to Cobber Dave Page, after spraying the waterproofing agent, you should expose your shoes under the sun about 10-15 minutes.

The manufacturer of Sno-Seal wax said: you should warm your shoes up before waterproofing your shoes by wax. However, you should not use heat to dry them.

Question: what is the duration of using the waterproofing products?

Answer: according to the manufacturer, you should use waterproof products within 4 years from the date of purchasing, even though the products still work well after this period of time (4years).

Well, through this article about how to get acquainted with a new hiking boot, we hope that you can collect some useful information for yourself. And then, read this post carefully and follow the instructions, you can feel suitable with your beloved shoes.

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