Effective Methods To Keep Your Feet Healthy


Normally, the legs will show a part of our health. If you have the healthy legs you can feel comfortable to move and work every day. So you should not be subject or forget to take care of your legs and feet. Although there is a small injury at the joints it can destroy your feet.

Do you know how to care your feet health? If you say “No” you can find the effective methods to keep the feet health in this article. It does not take you a lot of time to refer. However, after reading you will have a lot of good information to protect and take care of your feet.

  1. Add the necessary nutrition

As you know, most of the pregnant women have the cramps during this stage. This is the reason of the following elements:

  • The body becomes heavier because they are suddenly weight gain;
  • The muscle strain phenomenon occurs frequently;
  • The body is the lack of the magnesium.

For these causes, you need to add the necessary magnesium through the daily meals. You will overcome the cramps significantly.

On the other hands, you should soak your feet in warm water to warm the muscles as well as the tendons of the feet.

  1. Relax for the legs

When sitting too long this will make your legs become tired. Thus, you should let them relax.

In fact, it is very simple to relax. You should prepare a tennis ball. Then, using two legs kick from this side to that side. After that, let the ball roll from the heel to the toes. You can maintain this action about 3 minutes. I am sure that you will feel your legs be improved too much.

  1. Massage

To have the healthy feet, you should not skip to massage them regularly. You can massage according to the easy steps as follows:

  • Firstly, you should sit on the soft sofa;
  • Then, you pull leg back and bend the knee to start the massage;
  • After that, you use a little of extra oil to increase the effectiveness of massage;
  • Next, pour the extra oil on your hand and apply to your legs from the knees down to the heel;
  • Finally, you should maintain this movement about 30 times for each leg.


  1. Train the feet

The best way to keep the healthy feet is to exercise it. You can maintain the daily jogging to help the leg muscle become more toned.

In the case, you feel bored with jogging you can take part in other sports which they use the feet as much as possible such as football and basketball.

Actually, playing the sports are not only good for the feet but also good for our health as prevent effectively some common diseases today such as cardiovascular and high blood pressure.

In short, healthy legs will help you feel more confident with all daily work. The nice feet will bring the happy life for you. You can wear all fashion shoes. Therefore, you should make some good habits to keep the healthy feet. 4 simple tips above are the valuable tips if you have the feet health.

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